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As I forgot to do this for July, here is a list of wonderful fics that were published in the month of August. Separated into One/Two Shots and Multichapters, and I’ll mark if it’s M or In progress.

One/Two Shots

Tied by morgangirl11 (M)

ex nihilo omnia by Cora Clavia

waiting game

make me choose: tvfanatic asked fighting caskett or snuggling caskett

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It’s not about the books anymore

It’s not about the books anymore

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OMG she is so beautiful, I’m speechless

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Hm, so you can really skip this if you're not good about answearing this one, but what are your favorite fanfiction writers? Just something that made me think about, 'cause, like, one of the most famous and everyone adores is ColieMacKenzie, and I was just wondering wich one you'd like the most.

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Yeah I don’t want to answer this publicly, sorry. I do have my favourites, and you can probably tell some of them from my favourite fic lists anyway once you go through enough of them. But I feel like if I list then I might miss someone. Plus it changes depending on what type of fic I’m in the mood for. I’ve sort of answered this question off anon before, so if you want to ask me privately I can do that, as long as you know it’s just my opinion :) 

I do agree though Nic is marvelous ;)

Oh wow, really, you guys - you are all just so very lovely. You amaze me with your kindness and support. Thank you!! ❤️ *blushes*


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I've now started judging M rated fics by your note on how to write them. Switching povs randomly ever bugged me before hahaha Another question, as a writer how do you chose certain positions for particular situations? What type of sex? Stuff like that. Funny how these type of questions don't feel weird at all in this fandom. love it ;) Thanks!

- Anonymous

That’s a great question, thank you!

Personally, I always consider how to enhance a certain sentiment, mood or emotion of my scene by what they ‘choose’ to do. I really feel that you can really heighten the emotional intensity of your M scene if you think through their position or movements and really consider what intimacy level and closeness it conveys versus what you want to show, and make sure it matches. Some positions are more intimate and/or more vulnerable for the couple than others; it’ll be a different experience - and therefore a different emotionality - if they are skin to skin, looking in each others’ eyes and kissing, than if they are doing it from behind, for example. Some positions will be harder and faster, others slow and maybe feel closer to the two of them, allow them to feel more connected to each other etc.

So I try to envision my scene and the movements with a focus on what might fit the mood that brought them to this point. This can be particularly important, in my opinion, if you are writing a first time for them, or if they arrive at that point out of a particularly strong emotional moment, like a scary situation, an I-almost-lost-you intensity, after a fight, deciding to try for a baby or the first realization of a pregnancy, etc.

For example, if I wrote a first time for them that follows emotional (soft, sweet) moments where they’ve realized or admitted their feelings for each other, I would not choose a position where they aren’t able to look at each other, where they aren’t heart-to-heart, in some way, if you will. There’s a particular intimacy and even vulnerability to being so closely entwined, skin to skin, being held tightly, of being able to look the other in the eye, see every feeling and reaction on their face etc. Note how even in our beloved Always TV scene, they calm - from being frenzied and pressed against the door to soft kisses and gazing at each other, to clasping hands and walking (presumably) to the bed room for intimate, slower love making. Because it’s not about raw, frantic sex right then, it’s all about love.

However, if the first time moment comes on the heels of a fight or things just crashing over them, or jealousy etc, you can convey that rawer need and desperation with them being on or against some kind of furniture (on the kitchen counter, standing against the door or the book shelves, bent over the couch, that sort of thing) because while they’d be just as naked (though not always ;)) it is not as intimate, not as vulnerable as clinging to someone, plastered chest to chest. There’s a reason that, for example in “Adrift”, they start standing up against the wall, or in “Your Own Devices” she’s riding him ‘reverse cowgirl’ style - these are less encounters of love and emotional connection than of some sort of desperate need, and I feel like the chosen positions emphasize that specific emotional context better than others.

I feel like you can always enhance the emotional depth and impact of your sex scene by a well-chosen position. Are they in a playful mood? Have them be playful and choose a more unique one, have them giggle and banter. Are they sad or emotionally overwhelmed? Have them cling to each other, face buried in the other’s neck, fingers digging into flesh and legs clasped high and tight as if they can’t get each other close enough. Do they just have to have each other after a long day of teasing and no release and they simply can’t wait any longer? Up against the wall or the bookshelf with clothing barely off etc. Are they emotionally connecting? Have them touch each other, have it be slow and exploratory as if it’s the first time all over again, have them marvel and explore.

I apologize that this turned into a dissertation lol; I do hope it at least makes some sort of sense. Please remember that this is just personal preference, not a right versus wrong approach.

(And yep, you’re right. There’s no shame in fandom. ;))


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Dara Creasey talks about why the Castle fandom on social media is AWESOME. Turns out for all the darkness sometimes, the bright side is pretty bright. Check it out.

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